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Welcome to
Forth Valley Migrant Support Network

Forth Valley Migrant Support Network is an inclusive grassroots organisation where people of all backgrounds and cultures feel included, welcomed and valued. We are committed to supporting, empowering and representing migrant workers and people whose first language is not English in Falkirk area.  We offer free information, advice and advocacy support to people  who are experiencing problems with accessing public services, housing, healthcare, education, welfare benefits, consumer rights and employment.

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Appointment only

Due to the social distancing measures introduced by the Government, we operate on an APPOINTMENT ONLY basis, eliminating the need to wait around, unnecessary social gathering and the possibility of transmitting Covid-19. Because of this, please, do not come to our office without pre-arranged appointment.
Stay save everyone.

Grangemouth surgery

Our office in Grangemouth is a welcoming space for migrants and local residents, where everyone can have a cuppa, meet new people and even get free access to telephone, computer and Internet. For more information or to book your appointment:
Call or text us on 07512025100
Or email:

Denny outreach surgery

Our outreach surgery in Denny is held every Friday, 1pm-5pm. We are here to assist you with Settled Status, forms filling, benefit entitlement checks, consumer rights and advocacy and a lot more.  For any enquiries or to book your appointment:
Call or text us on 07563 010656
Or email:

Scotland's Census 2022

In 2022, Scotland will run its once-a-decade count of the population. The census is the official count of every person in the country. It collects information about where you stay and the people who stay there. The information you give helps make decisions about how public money will be spent on schools, roads, healthcare and other important services in your local community.

Our work  

We are open to support our service users and members during these difficult times. We are here to provide face-to-face support, telephone and digital consultations via Zoom, WhatsApp, Viber or Facebook Messenger. We continue to deliver:
* Advocacy and language support
* Information and form filling
* Welfare support and help with health and social care matters
* Pre- employment and employment support
* Practical assistance with housing issues, banking, utility providers, consumer rights
* Digital inclusion and access to Internet
* Covid-19 support – access to food, medical prescriptions, peer support, befriending for people who are isolated and struggling with their mental health

A voice in human rights

All Our Rights and Right to Adequate Standard of Living

HRCS Migrants' Human Rights project

Protecting  our EU citizens and our experience of supporting them around settled status.