Who we are

Forth Valley Migrant Support Network was established in October 2009 to address the problems of disenfranchised migrant workers and people whose first language is not English living in Falkirk area. The organisation was born out of the frustrations faced by migrants using existing services to fulfil their ambitions of living and working in Scotland. The difficulties faced by us all when we come across an automated telephone service are magnified ten-fold if you are not a UK citizen. Important paperwork is impeded slowing down people`s settlement and security in the UK. Online savings in things such as a car insurance, travel and utilities can become a nightmare for anyone. You do not have to be a migrant to access help. We would aid any elderly locals to our office needing face to face assistance with telephone or internet.

We are an organisation for and of migrants. Instead of letting others represent us, we speak on our own behalf.

Our funders

The support from funders has been crucial to the development of the organisation.

We would like to give huge THANK YOU to the following funding bodies who are supporting our work, activities and current projects:

What we stand for

Our Mission, Vision and Values are the drivers of our work

Our mission                                                                               
We work to meet our clients' needs by providing a credible, inclusive, effective and accountable service. We are committed to delivering a  free, accessible, confidential and impartial service.

Our Vision

An inclusive society where all people are valued, their differences are respected, and their basic needs are met.

Our values

  • Acting with integrity 
  • Placing people’s needs at the heart of everything we do
  • Valuing the positive difference people make 
  • Being proud of what we can achieve together

Our people

Our Committee

The Network has a Committee of 8 members, all acting in a voluntary capacity. The Committee makes sure that all our services run smoothly and staff and volunteers are supported in their work. The Committee members are elected because of their commitment to our values. Their experience and skills enable them to undertake the responsibilities of membership of a voluntary organisation.

Management Committee

  • Alan Gray - Chairman  
  • Diane Davis- Bailey - Vice-chair                    
  • Joanna Golding - Treasurer
  • Tanya Romanova - Secretary
  • Andrea Buzgaru
  • Georgi Georgiev    
  • Katarzyna Mysliwiec  
  • Krisztina Sallai 

Our members

The Network has a membership scheme. Currently membership stands at 830+ and includes people from 27 nationalities.

Membership is open to anyone, but you do not have to become a member to use our services! However, taking up membership gives you voting rights at the Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary Meetings and also entitles you to stand for office.

To become a member or renew your membership please complete the membership form (see the link on Get involved page) and return in to us.

Our volunteers

The Network is fortunate to have a committed team of talented and dedicated volunteers who come from a wide range of communities, ages, levels of experience, and areas of expertise. They get involved for a variety of reasons: some are migrant workers themselves, some are looking for professional experience in the third sector, while others just want to assist a vulnerable group. 

Our volunteers have won a number of awards since we began work in 2009 such as the European Volunteer of the Year 2011 Award and Medals for Long Service Awards at the 13th Annual Volunteering Awards Ceremony in 2012.