How we can help

What support we offer

From assisting you with filling out a housing application form or arranging a medical appointment to dealing with inaccurate electricity billing. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and ability to deliver a wide range of services to meet your changing needs. Our drop-in centre in Grangemouth is a welcoming space for migrants and local residents, where you can have a cuppa, meet new people and even get free access to telephone, computer and Internet.

We can help you to:

  • Feel supported in accessing services, health care, education and employment. You get help with things like paperwork and understanding British work culture.
  • Gain confidence in using conversational English, by having someone to chat with who will give you positive support and encouragement.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of British culture, and the local community, through participating in our project activities.
  • Have a voice! We will advocate for you if and when needed.
  • Accessing our services

    We provide support in the following ways:

    • Face to face support in our office in Grangemouth or Denny
    • Over the telephone
    • Virtual support via Zoom, Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger
    Please bring all paperwork relevant to your appointment and appropriate documents / reference numbers.
    Our services are
    • Free of charge
    • Open to all
    • Confidential and impartial
    • Focused on your needs and opinion

    Support services in Denny

    With the financial support from Denny and Community District Fund, we continue to deliver our Denny Migrant Support Project. As part of  the project we hold a drop-in surgery in Denny every Friday afternoon between 1pm and 5pm. Our team can assist you with forms filling, benefit entitlement checks, making telephone calls, consumer rights and advocacy and a lot more.

    What our services users say about us

    Here are a few things our service users and their families have said about us

    “A big thank you to the young volunteer from Denny Migrant Support Project who helped me with telephone call to the doctors to arrange much needed medical appointment. She also went with me to the GP surgery to make sure I understand everything what was said to me. ”

    “Thank you for the time and all the support you have given our family. We are all settled now in Falkirk and the children are doing well in school. “

    "I am very happy that I didn't need to travel to Grangemouth to get help with my energy vouchers from the  Government energy support scheme. Vanessa from Denny Migrant Support Project was very quick and sorted the problem for me."

    “I cannot thank Forth Valley Migrant Support
    Network enough. When my wife was taken to
    hospital during Covid restrictions I was lost. My English was not enough to communicate with the ward nurses. Big thank you to the volunteer who called the hospital to find out what ward my wife was admitted to, and talked to the ward staff to get information about her condition and booked my visitation time slots.”

    “Thank you for helping me to complete a set of online forms. I do not have enough English and computer skills to do it myself.”

    "I lost my job during the pandemic and was told that I need to apply for Universal Credit. I was not sure if I will be able to complete the online application correctly. Thank you to the team at Forth Valley Migrant Support Network who helped me with the application and saved me time and the stress."

    “I think no words are enough to express my
    gratitude to Forth Valley Migrant Support Network and all its staff and volunteers, who always give me a lot of support. Thank you very much!”

    “It was 2010 when I first met the amazing
    people from the Network. We needed help with arranging a payment plan with our dog’s veterinary clinic. Since then whenever we struggle with understanding an official letter, completing an application form or making a telephone call, our first stop is at Forth Valley Migrant Support Network. Thank you for your support during all these years.”

    Our services

    Application Forms filling

    Filling in an application form can be a stressful and daunting experience, especially if you do not understand the instructions or the questions the form is asking. So let us help you! We can assist you with filling in various paper and online forms and will make sure all the required paperwork is included.

    Click the image above to read more.

    Advocacy support

    We offer free information, advice and advocacy support to migrants and people whose 1st language is not English and who are experiencing problems with accessing public services, housing, healthcare, welfare benefits, consumer rights and employment.
    Click the image above to read more about our advocacy support.

    EmployABILITY support

    Looking for work? Would you like help with creating a CV to draw attention to your strengths and target a specific job? Do you need help filling in forms or wondering what to write in the additional information section? Let’s look together?

    Click the image above to read more about our employability support.

    Digital Inclusion

    Get Together Breakfast Club

    Learn English Together Club